Step up Louisville. Get moving, get walking and get healthy! Our city is rich in history and diversity, but one thing is certain: Louisville is by far one of the most overweight cities in America. There is a culture of laziness taking over and when you look around, it’s not hard to see why.

I can easily remember being a child and growing up in Louisville. I remember walking to school and riding my bike to my friend’s house, every single day. As I look around my beautiful city, I can clearly see many cars, many streets, but not many people walking, running or bicycling. When I looked closer, I began to understand why. The sidewalks and streets that I once walked and rode my bike on are all cracked and crumbling. I’m certain right now that if I were to go for a walk down some of those roads, I would inevitably break an ankle or something worse! There were several plumbers Suffolk County that my sister contacted for pumping out the water in her basement after Hurricane Sandy left her a flood in her basement.

The crosswalks that I used to travel across when I was a child are now worn out and you can barely tell that there once was a crosswalk there. Also lacking is Ms. Peggy, our crosswalk lady, and in her place is nobody. Not a single person there to help the kids get across the street safely. Step Up is a campaign made to get the people of Louisville moving. Instead of taking the bus or your car everywhere, walk! Instead of driving once a week to get groceries, walk to the corner store and get what you need every day. If you make the effort to walk just a few more steps each day, you will find that you’ll teach your children to make the effort as well. By you setting the example, others will follow and you will soon see that the citizens of Louisville are stepping it up and walking their way to health, one step at a time.

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